The Founder

The founder of the Planners Lab is Dr. Jerry Wagner. Dr. Wagner is a Decision Support System pioneer and has founded multiple software companies. He started the first international conference on Decision Support Systems (DSS í81). Much of his career has been at the University of Texas at Austin where he was head of the Operations Research Group, College of Engineering. Six years ago he joined the Peter Kiewit Institute, University of Nebraska at Omaha and started the International Academy for Advanced Decision Support and One Innovation Place. He is also one of Gallupís Senior Scientists.

In recent years he has focused on data visualization and each fall semester assembles leading researchers and teachers from around the world for public seminars and teaching classes ( ).

The first company started by Jerry was Execucom Systems, Corp. in Austin, Texas. This early 80ís company had a product called IFPS (Interactive Financial Planning System). It dominated the Decision Support software market for financial planning and analysis. More than 2000 leading companies, government agencies, and Universities were users. Execucom was acquired by GTE in 1984 at which time it was one of the larger software companies in the world.

IFPS was particularly well known for its ease of use while still being a powerful tool to support serious decision making. The Planners Lab follows this same philosophy.

The Planners Lab modeling language resembles that of IFPS, but expands to include intuitive data visualizations. A few selected links about Jerry are the following: