Dr. Virginia Collins
on the Planners Lab

Principal at the Silverstone Group in Omaha, Nebraska: Established in 1945, SilverStone Group is a full-service, resource management company offering customized services for business and private clients.

Career Highlights: She has extensive experience in human resource consulting, specializing in executive coaching. She works with top executives to maximize growth potential and has successfully facilitated turnarounds for executives facing career derailment. Virginia utilizes strong analytical abilities to facilitate organizational development and growth issues through a variety of assessment techniques. Her unique organizational insight and analytical ability provided clients with the fresh perspectives needed to maximize the growth potential for their organizations.

Academic Degrees: She has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Maryland, a Master of Counseling from Austin Peay State University, a Master of Industrial/Organizational Psychology, University of Nebraska Omaha, and a Ph.D. in Industrial /Organizational Psychology from the University of Nebraska Lincoln.